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Direct Legal Collections is a debt purchasing or debt collecting company listed in the website of






Name: Direct Legal and Collections
Also Known As: Direct Legal & Collections, Hillesden Securities. Direct Legal and Collections Brackley.
Address: Buckingham Road, Brackley NN13 7DN
Email: [user]
Extra Data: See below.

Direct Legal Collections and the Truth About Your Debt

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It is an option to question the validity of the amount owed by making a Subject Access Request (or SAR) as a foil to Direct Legal and Collections. The true owner of the alleged debt (the bank or the debt collecting firm) must give you a true signed copy of the original credit agreement if that agreement was made before 6 April 2007. When they do not do this they are breaking the law, and the alleged debt is said to be in dispute. While the debt is in dispute they are not allowed to make further demands on you (if they do so they are in further breach of the act) and they cannot sell it on to another agency. While the debt is in dispute it is said to be unenforceable, even by a court of law. There is a series of template letters available to follow up. If you want you can always get a solicitor to do this for you, owing to the complexity at times. There are also paralegal firms who offer services in the area.

Debt purchasing companies (or DCAs) turn a nice profit from buying debts from banks and other organisations at a fraction of their total value (around 10 per cent or less of the balance) and then attempt to extract the total balance from you. In dealing with Direct Legal and Collections it is worth bearing in mind that this is what they do for a living. They will then try to use all sorts of tricks to get the money out of you. That includes scaring people to the point that they are scared most of the time, their marriages break up and their lives are ruined. And all because some greedy firm got hold of information about a debt and tried to make a profit from it at all costs.






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