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Direct Legal Debt Collectors is a debt purchasing or debt collecting company in the website of





Name: Direct Legal and Collections Debt Collectors
Address: Buckingham Road, Brackley NN13 7DN
Email: [user]
Extra Data: See below.

Direct Legal Debt Collectors and the Truth About Your Debt

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It is an option for you to question the validity of the money owed or indeed the existence of the account itself by making a Subject Access Request as a reply to Direct Legal and Collections debt collectors. The owner of the account (the bank or the debt collection firm) is obliged to give you a true copy of the original contract if that agreement was made prior to 6 April 2007. When they do not do this they are in violation of the Consumer Credit Act, and the alleged debt is then said to be in dispute. For as long as this situation exists they must not ask for any money and they are not allowed to sell it on to another agency (which many do nevertheless). As long as this situation exists it is unenforceable, even by a court of law. There is a series of template letters available that you can use to follow up. Or you can get a solicitor to do this for you, owing to the difficulty of the law at certain points. There are also legal firms professing their services in this area.

They will probably ask you for your cellphone number if you have one and most of us do have one. But you should not give it to them. Because if they have it they will be able to pester you at home and at work at all times of the day and night. They will continue to do this even after you ask them to stop, therefore you must tell them in writing, and send the letter by registered post or recorded delivery to get a signature as proof of delivery. A few DPCs will even contact your neighbours and tell them about your debt. The worst may tell your children that you are bad because you can't pay your bills or say that they will do this, hoping to scare you and increase their profit margin. All of these debt collection companies are driven by greed and so their individual sales people know that they have to meet targets. Coping with Direct Legal and Collections debt collectors can be extremely stressful.

So ask Direct Legal and Collections Debt Collectors for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.





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